Masters of the Law of Attraction

David Schirmer

law_of_attraction-_David_schirmer.jpgDavid Schirmer is a wealth coach, entrepreneur and private share investor and trader, regularly trading shares, options, warrants, CFD's and futures on the Australian and overseas markets. He is also a market commentator with articles published in various media including being a contributor to the ODDS Data weekly stock report, The Australian Investor magazine and the Melbourne Herald Sun. David Schirmer has been feature in the hit movie "The Secret" and is known as the "cheques in the mail guy" or "the car space guy".

David has created as run seminars and educated thousands of people around the world with many of the other teachers from the secret. More information on David can be obtained from David Schirmer is one of 24 teachers and the only Australian chosen to appear on The Secret DVD & movie. He went from a broke ex-farmer in Queensland, Australia to a successful multi-millionaire through studying the mind. He also is a commodity and stock trader.

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