Law of Attraction Misconceptions
by Colin Joss

The theory behind the Law of Attraction is that two like elements will be attracted to each other. This has to do with the types of energy that people give off. Have you every worked in an office where one person is so negative that they are able to spread that energy like an airborne illness to others? Yet if you try very hard to only give off positive energy than those are the types of people you will attract to you.

A common misconception when it comes to the Law of Attraction though is that once you accept it you will live happily ever after. We can't control all of the things that will take place in our life so this isn't true. Yet we can try very hard to emit positive energy into as many of the situations we are faced with as possible. No matter how well you control your mind and your heart, you just can't expect to be positive all the time. There are going to be instances where you feel very negative. It is a natural part of life so if you don't accept this as the truth you aren't being honest with yourself. The key is to acknowledge why you feel that surge of negative energy. That way you can do your part to get rid of it as effectively and as quickly as possible.

This doesn't mean that the Law of Attraction can't help you in such instances though. The difference is that they often will be giving off negative energy subconsciously. You on the other hand will consciously be giving off positive energy. Knowing that you can't control the universe but you can control yourself is important. This way you won't feel that the Law of Attraction isn't' working.

You also have to be willing to take responsibility for that negative energy you felt. You can't blame it on nature or on other people. Remember that accepting personal responsibility is one of the major elements of effectively using the Law of Attraction. Sure, it is easier to blame other things or people, but we don't grow from that and we don't strive to do better for ourselves with that. Even though individuals with positive energy will attract others with the same type of vibes, you can't totally remove all of the negative energy from the atmosphere. You can't control who is on the bus with you when you commute to work or who works in your office. You can distance yourself from such individuals as much as possible though and open the door for those that do exhibit positive energy though.

Even when you do focus on the positive though you can't always change the negative energy from others. This is unfortunate in our world but simply the reality of how it is. We would love to be able to completely offer nothing but positive energy fields all around us all the time. When we do something for others we just normally expect they will do the same for us. Yet we have all learned that this doesn't always happen in life. This doesn't mean you should only help people though with the intent of keeping track of who owes you favors in return. It simply means you do need to continue working to surround yourself with positive energy as much as possible.

It can be difficult to cut off relationships with people who are always negative. Yet it may be necessary to keep you from picking up that form of energy. Instead of focusing on their negativity though you need to be more dedicated to controlling your levels of positive energy. By focusing on what you want to achieve though you will have not trouble doing this when it gets tough.

Thing of people as magnets, they are able to attract the type of energy field that they themselves exhibit. It is important to understand that you will have times when negative energy is very hard for you to get rid of. This doesn't mean you are doing anything wrong or that the Law of Attraction isn't working like it should. We have to realize there are factors in life that we have absolutely no control over. So we need to focus our energy on those that we can control in some form. If you want better types of energy to be coming your way then you need to do your part and give off that type of energy so it will be attracted to you.

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Article Source: Article North directory



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