Masters of the Law of Attraction

Marie Diamond

Marie was born in Belgium and her professional career started as a lawyer and criminologist working for the Belgian and European governments. She has had wide and varied experience and training in such fields as Project Management for a multinational publishing company, Human Resources, Marketing, Safety, and Sales. law_of_attraction-_Marie_Diamond.jpg

Marie Diamond has been practicing Feng Shui for more than 20 years, refining the knowledge given to her at an early age. Her unique approach of combining eastern philosophies with her traditional training, lead her to consult to a variety of businesses. Marie moved to the U.S. five years ago and since then has been consulted by numerous Hollywood celebrities, major film directors and producers, music giants, and famous authors. She has helped many well-known public figures create more success in all areas of their lives. Some of her well-known clients include Jack Canfield and music icon Barbara Orbison of Roy Orbison Productions. She carefully trains her Diamond Team of 30 consultants in 10 different countries in her methods, and provides on-going support for their world-wide consulting. Together, she and her team have helped companies increase yearly profits by a minimum of 25% up to 1100% in just one year!

Marie Diamond is part of the Transformational Leadership Council created by Jack Canfield, which includes such respected members as Bill Harris, John Gray, John Assaraf, DC Cordova, Paul Scheele, and many others.

She is currently involved in writing books, creating several large real estate projects and the creation of an e-commerce site. She often appears as a speaker for business and special events around the world on how to create abundance and happiness in business. Marie is the Feng Shui specialist and the Chinese astrologer for and

Watch Marie in The Secret to learn some of the secrets she has used to create a loved, abundant, and supported life for herself.



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