Use the Laws of Attraction to Live Your Life to the Fullest

The Laws of Attraction are evident in the lives of each of us whether we want to acknowledge it or not. Of course what it really means to each of us is definitely open to interpretation. It can be interesting to read about it from experts who have formed their opinions about the topic as well. If you ask your friends or family about the Laws of Attraction and what it means, you can have some very unique conversations. Of course this just means that the entire issue can become even more confusing than when you were just dealing with your own personal thoughts about it.

Too many of us simply aren't aware of all the wonderful opportunities that continue to come our way. Letting them slip through our fingers though means we didn't get a firm grip on them to use them effectively. Karma is a very powerful thing and it simply means what goes around comes around. Therefore you want to live your life in a way that shows you treat yourself and others with respect. The more control you recognize that you have over your own life the happier you will be.

Given below are some simple steps that will help you control your 'Karma'. These steps that you have probably heard of before in self help books or workshops, pack a powerful punch and the ability to 'make' your life. They will help you deliberately focus on what you want in your life, the direction you want your life to take and with your goals in sight, they will help you to plan how to get there. This may seem rather tedious at first, but in their very simplicity lie the added advantage that they soon become automatic and a part of you. "Why do I need to do this", you may ask. These steps can put you in the driver's seat of your life. Nothing will be left to chance and nothing will be good/bad luck. They will put you in the "right" energy to attract what you want.

In life, unlike in Magnetism, Like Attracts Like (though opposites do tend to compliment each other). You attract what you focus on. These steps will help you focus on what you want. Thereby enabling you to create and live the life you want.

1. Make the steps you need to take from here to reach your goal as clear as possible.

Where do you 'get' it from? Just like you can't pluck money from a money plant, you can't pluck Life from the Tree of Life. By focusing on your end objective and planning your steps to get there, you can then plot the route to take. In most cases this is not a physical route. It is an 'energy' route, energy through your thoughts. It has been proved that the human mind is so strong as to be able to bend a spoon or to levitate the human body by just concentrating on it,. While you do not need to master that level of concentration, by just focusing your thoughts and feelings, you will attract what you think and feel about the most. The Universe brings to you what you focus on.

To create the life you want you must consciously focus your attention on what you want and then hold your attention on it.

2. You have to commit to being responsible for your own life in all aspects.

If you can't commit to being responsible all the time for what has taken place in your life in the past, present, and future, then you can't yet begin to effectively apply the Law of Attraction to your life. Instead of viewing what happens to you as the result of someone else or something else, you need to be taking a stand for yourself. Once you remove yourself from the role of victim you will become empowered in a way you have never been before. Learn from mistakes you have made and strive to make much better choices in the future.

Accepting full and complete responsibility for everything in your life is going to take time to achieve. You will have to continue to work to modify your behaviors that relate to this. Yet once you do, it will unlock many things for you in a positive way. You will have complete control over your life and you will often find you develop more self confidence as a result of it.

3. You must believe in the fact that you do have the power to control what takes place in your life. Too many people feel like things just happen to them which isn't true.

Those that have read the Bible understand how important it is to have Faith. Even though we often don't know how things in the Bible take place, we have Faith in what it can do. This is the same approach that you need to apply to your own life, even when times get tough.

Focus on the Positive belief that it will happen. Focusing on the How will only bury you under the negative energies of worry, over-planning and fear.

Joe Vitale says in his book, The Attractor Factor, stay open to what your gut's telling you and then take action on what it's telling you. This kind of action is called "inspired action". Gut feeling is most often a positive energy that would lead you along the right path. Gut feeling is most evident in the invisible ties that bind a mother and her offspring. These are the ties that intuitively tell a mother when she needs to worry about her offspring and when there is no need to fear despite outward signs.

4.Work on the broader picture

If you get too caught up in the small things, you will miss the big picture. This is going to result in you being more susceptible to negative energy seeping in. Do your best to stay focused on your goals. Have confidence in your abilities and strive to get rid of all the negative energy. If you have Faith that things are going to turn out the way you want them to then they will. You will find this outlook is going to be extremely important when you are using the Laws of Attraction.

If you succumb to negative thoughts it isn't going to serve any real purpose for you. Instead you are going to end up having negative energy eating away at your day. They are going prevent you from being able to focus on your goals and that isn't good. When you know these types of thoughts are in place then you will need to work harder than ever to get a high level of positive energy in place to get rid of it. Otherwise you risk getting to the point where you will just give up.

This type of negative energy is going to keep you from achieving what you want in life. It is going to get your mind looking at negative things and prevent you from moving forward. You are going to have to work hard to find positive energy in such circumstances to override those negative feelings. Yet this process can leave a person physically and mentally drained. Too many people give up at this point as they feel it is just too difficult for them.

6. Always know what you want.

How can you go after something when you aren't sure what you want? Having a clear view of what you want and where you are headed will help you to stay focused on reaching it. You can end up wasting a large amount of positive energy if you don't have yourself focused. Take the clearest and shortest route possible for achieving your goals. There will always be things in your life that work to get you off track, but giving yourself a check and reviewing your goals on a regular basis will ensure you are able to stay focused.

This is the only way you will be successful enough to reach your goals. It is unrealistic to think it is just going to happen for you one day out of the blue. It is like a person who wants to lose weight but they don't take the time to engage in behaviors that are realistically going to make it happen. Staying focused is the key to achieving our goals, and you need to realize from the start that things are going to happen that will result in you being side tracked. Keep your goals clear in your mind so you can stay on the right path to achieving them.

These smaller goals will really help to fuel your heart and mind with more positive energy. When you start to feel like you haven't accomplished much, you can read your materials and see just how much you have already accomplished. This is certainly going to help you to have the momentum to continue moving forward even when it gets difficult at times.

Use this method of staying focused every day. It is going to be very valuable to you. Make sure it is in a place where you can't miss it so you will remember. You can move it later on after this practice has become a very integrated part of your daily routine.

At first it may be hard for you to remember to look at your focus board daily. However, in time it will become very routine for you. Use the Laws of Attraction to help you achieve all you want in your life. If you are willing to work hard to be positive, then you can get the right type of energy in our life to make it all happen.

Taking these steps will help you be the driver of your life. Soon these steps will become automatic. Focusing on your achievements will fill you with positive energy and will attract positive energy to you. Soon the whole process will change from ponderous and laborious to FUN which in turn will attract its own positive energy and get you there faster.

Colin Joss is the author of the best-selling law of attraction ebook Inspired Attraction. To find out how folk just like you - and two stars of The Secret - practice the law of attraction in their lives visit

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