Law of Attraction Seminars & Conferences

Listing and reviews of seminars and conferences dealing with the law of attraction, and how you can use it to achieve the life that you want. This listing is not complete, but we have tried to focus on some of the key offerings.

Other seminars and conferences may be found through a search of the authors' pages (Click Here for a list of The Law of Attraction Teachers ) or through The-Law-of-Attraction-Resources Store .

Please feel free to help us with the reviewing process by contributing your review of a work.

Presented by James Arthur Ray , one of the teachers of The Secret . You'll learn to quickly and easily increase your wealth in all areas of your life—Financial, Relational, Mental, Physical and Spiritual. When you've achieved this result, you are really wealthy because you possess true Harmonic Wealth® . Embark on this first step in your Journey of Power . Do you have a dream or goal that you've longed to achieve but haven't yet? In this powerful life-changing experience, you embark upon a journey of increasing power and accomplishment, blending the latest and greatest findings in science, philosophy, psychology, business strategy and just good common sense. 

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