Law of Attraction Video Resources

Listing and reviews of video and DVD materials dealing with the law of attraction, and how you can use it to achieve the life that you want. This listing is not complete, as there are hundreds of videos and DVD's dealing with the law of attraction, but we have tried to focus on some of the key offerings.

Other video materials can be found through a search of each author's page (Click Here for a list of The Law of Attraction Teachers ) or through The-Law-of-Attraction-Resources Store .

Please feel free to help us with the reviewing process by contributing your review of a work.

The Secret DVD

The movie that started all of the recent interest in the law of attraction. The Secret features such teachers and thought leaders as Bob Proctor Jack Canfield , Michael Beckwith , Bob Doyle and James Arthur Ray .

Spiritual Cinema CircleSpiritual Cinema Circle : This is not a specific video, but a subscription type model. As a Spiritual Cinema Circle member, you’ll receive four uplifting and inspiring films on high quality DVDs: generally a full-length feature, a documentary and two shorts. You can build a library of inspiring movies that are yours to keep – you never have to return anything, so you can watch your favorites time and again.

You Can Heal Your Life
(Louise Hay)

You Can Heal Your Life
You Can Heal Your Life: The Movie - This entertaining and inspirational movie hosted by best-selling author Louise Hay and directed by Emmy award winner Michael Goorjian gives penetrating insights into her fascinating life story; and also provides clarity on how her views on self-esteem, abundance, and the metaphysical causes behind physical ailments were developed.

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